Solatube Ø 25 cm manual daylight dimmer kit

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Solatube Ø 25 cm Manual daylight dimmer kit

Bright sunlight flooding your home is great...unless you want to take an afternoon nap or use your entertainment centre in the middle of the day. Never fear. The optional manual daylight dimmer kit solves this issue.

The manual daylight dimmer set is easy to use and install to either an existing or new Solatube.

The standard set includes a standard attachment pole length of 59 cm. Optional 59cm long extension poles are available to extend the standard pole length if required depending on the ceiling height.

The manual daylight dimmer blocks all daylight from the Solatube daylight system in 1 easy step.

 Note: the manual daylight dimmer can only be used with the Classic Vusion or Classic OptiView ceiling diffuser (not included).


More Information
Product guarantee 10 years
Materials used Forex (hard foamed PVC) and aluminum
Country of Manufacture The Netherlands
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