Solatube Ø 53 cm system square pitched roof

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Solatube Ø 53 cm system square pitched roof

Solatube Ø 53 cm system square pitched roof is designed to maximise light output throughout the day. It effectively captures low-angle rays in the morning and late afternoon, and collects high-angle rays at midday for powerful performance.

The Solatube Ø 53 cm square series features a patented transition box that seamlessly converts the round tubing to a square diffuser.

The transition box easily fits into standard commercial ceiling grids.

Product features

  • Predominantly used for commercial applications
  • Illuminates spaces up to 14 metres high
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Excellent light quality and colour rendition
  • Pitched roof flashing can be installed quickly and easily!


More Information
Diffuser type Square
BBA Technical Approval Yes
FM approval Yes
CE / Declaration of Performance Yes
Solar Impulse Efficient Solution approval Yes
BCRG Database No
ETIM class EC003113 daylight system
Maximum standard length 60 cm
Recommended maximum tube length Maximum 15 metres
Product guarantee 10 years
Solar energy transmittance (EN 410) g‐value = 0.58
External Fire Performance of roofs (EN 13501-5) BROOF(t4)
Light output in lumen (half year average benelux) 6141 Lumen
Light transmittance of the assembled system 51 %
CRI - color rendering index CRI = 100
Thermal transmittance of the assembled system U =2.2 W/m 2 K
Airborne sound insulation (EN ISO 717‐1) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 48(0;-1) dB
Resistance to impact (EN 1873) SB 1350
Upward Load (EN 1873) UL 3352
Downward Load (EN1873) DL 7182
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