Solatube TechLED DALIeco light/movement sensor < 5 m

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Solatube TechLED DALIeco light/movement sensor < 5 m

This high quality movement (presence) and light sensor is quickly and easily integrated with TechLED fixture. To ensure efficient use of lighting, energy and financial resources.

The sensor presence through a passive IR element, and the light and presence detection sensors can be individually controlled using a remote control, since each sensor has an integrated receiver.

This sensor also has a two-color LED function indicator, and is connected via a polarity reversal protected 4p4c socket (RJ10).

The total TechLED system is ideal if you are creating a comprehensive DALI lighting system and want to reliably optimize performance, energy and cost effectiveness in a straightforward, fuss-free manner.

Product features

  • VDE/VDE EMC certified system
  • V(λ) corrected light sensor element
  • Individual activation/deactivation of light and presence sensor via remote control
  • Presence detection angle adjustable between 40…90° via integrated shutters
  • Function indicator with two-color LED

The sensor must not be installed in areas where there is a draft (air conditioning/ventilation) or heat sources (photocopier/hot air blower) (incorrect sensing of persons moving)

D821001-00 Solatube TechLED DALIeco can only control 4 Solatube TechLED DALIeco light-/movement sensor < 5 m.
Only 1 of the 4 can be controlled by light, other 3 sensor you can use for movement. 
Cable connection only p4c connectors, maximum total cable length 25 m between D821001-00 Solatube TechLED DALIeco and the sensors. 

For more than 1 sensor always order a  D821010-00 Solatube TechLED Y-connector

Installation height max. 5.0 m
Detection range max. Ø 7.0 m
Detection angle 40° - 90°


More Information
Dali Yes
Nominal voltage 220 ..... 240 V
Operating range 20…800 lx
Maximum installation height 5 meters
Protection class 2
Ambient temperature range -20…+50 °C
Energy Class (874/2012/EC ) A
Product guarantee 3 years
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